Gasoline Cold Cart W/O Reel

These Models Are Extremely Portable, They Can Go Places Where Electrical Outlets are Not. Like The Models With The Reels These Do Not Have Them Due To The Larger Amount Of Water Output And Motor Size. All Models Have Honda Industrial Engines On Them Along With Udor Industrial Pumps. They Are Mounted On A 4 Wheel Powder Coat Paint Frame With Heavy Duty Non Flat Tires. All Washers Come With Adjustable Pressure Control, Adjustable Chemical Control, 50 Foot Wire Braided Hose, Gun/Wand Assembly, and 3 Different Types of Nozzles.

4000 PSI – 5.0 GPM

GX630 Honda Engine. Udor CKC 21-30 S Pump.

2500 PSI – 10.0 GPM

GX630 Honda Engine. Udor CKC 38-20 S Pump.

3500 PSI – 8.0 GPM

GX630 Honda Engine. Udor CKC 30-24 S Pump.